These Beefy Essembles Honor Lady GaGa's Birthday

 - Apr 1, 2014
In honor of Lady GaGa's birthday, lets all take a moment to remember all the memorable things this wild diva has brought to the fashion world. My personal favorite was GaGa's meat ensemble. If you also want to make people stare hungrily at you like you're a piece of meat, you might want to try some quirky beef fashion yourself.

Make a bold statement at your next formal event by rolling in decked out in cold cuts. You can rock a bacon-inspired frock or suit. Or try a spaghetti and meatballs dress -- after all, a pearl necklace is so last season, meatballs are what's in right now.

Proclaim your protein love with meaty accessories like bacon bracelets and earrings. There's no shame in being a stylish carnivore.

With all these fashionable meat garments and accessories, you can enjoy meat in the kitchen and in your closet!