From Couture Sausage Links to Edible Fruit Bags

 - Mar 20, 2014
It seems as though everyone has food on their minds at all time, and for those who don't care about displaying their obsession for all the world to see, these food-inspired purses are just for them. Of course, by carrying around colorful macaron clutches and citrus-hued handbags, an unbearable side effect of constant hunger may be an unavoidable consequence.

Of course, the food-inspired purses also signify the recent quirky style choices many female celebrities are making of late. While Katy Perry adopts such fashion accessories as a way to uphold her eccentric feminine persona, Lady Gaga does so to make more serious statement. Whatever the case, the food-inspired purses are sure to help people stand out from the crowd. Designers will be interested to know that such cute products are in demand.