The ICC 'Model Eats Designer Bag' Commercial is Hilarious

The International Culinary School marketing commercial ‘Model Eats Designer Bag on NYC Subway’ brilliantly sparked viral fandom.

The ‘Model Eats Designer Bag’ commercial features an actress/model who walks into a NYC subway nonchalantly carrying a black Chanel purse that looks incredibly real. The model proceeds to sit down and eat her edible purse made of cake, icing, and sugary goodness. The unsuspecting subway passengers’ are shocked at the revelations and start to look in shock or snicker. The model continues to eat her purse with content and even lets her fellow neighbor take a bite. The bizarre behavior sparks the attention of subway-goers.

The video went viral and created a buzz because it simply took viewers by surprise. The Chanel purse actually looks surprisingly delicious. The Culinary Center has definitely succeeded in shocking viewers and bringing attention to their amazing culinary and pastry programs. Shock value marketing reals the public in and remains an effective and attention grabbing marketing strategy.