From Chocolate Tea Melts to Ice Cream Fondue

 - Sep 3, 2015
These decadent dessert dips are the perfect alternative to a full-blown cake or pie. When planning a party or get together, dessert is often an afterthought. These simple recipes help you put together a complete dessert with just a few basic ingredients.

While fresh fruit is a great way to end a meal, it may not be enough to satisfy those with a large sweet tooth. Dessert dips are a great way to turn regular fruit into a dippable party treat. Some of these fruit-friendly dips include creamy Mediterranean yogurts, ice cream fondues and chipotle honey spreads.

If you don't have fresh fruit on hand, there are a number of alternative DIY dips that pair perfectly with other sweet treats. For example, there are nutty s'mores dips that are designed to complement graham crackers. There are also cinnamon roll dips that pair perfectly with salty treats such as pretzels and potato chips.