My Name is Yeh's White Chocolate Fondue Recipe Incorporates Matcha Green Tea

 - Mar 24, 2015
References: mynameisyeh & refinery29
Fondue is known as an easy recipe to whip up, whether it's cheese, dark, milk or white chocolate fondue. This green tea-infused melted chocolate is a unique twist from My Name is Yeh.

The Matcha White Chocolate Fondue combines an antioxidant-rich and energy-boosting variety of green tea with delicious white chocolate. The food blogger used Aiya cooking-grade matcha as well as heavy cream and chopped chocolate for her recipe. You will also need food morsels for dipping, such as cubed cake, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, strawberries or other fruit.

You will need your own fondue pot to enjoy this dessert. You also get bonus points for plating dippables on pretty tiered serving trays or red wine glasses like the ones pictured.