These Marie Turnor Picnic Clutches Look Like Paper Carriers

When you think of food and Paris, one of the things that might come in your mind is a fresh and warm baguette, pain au chocolat and so on, all carried in a simple brown paper bag.

French leather accessories designer Marie Turnor captures the essence of early mornings in Paris with her beautiful brown paper bag-like clutches named The Picnic. These pretty and deceitful creations are made of prestigious Italian calf leather and they close with a brown paper bag-like rolling mechanism and invisible magnet. The Picnic clutches come in three colors: brown, white and black. Further, the purses also come in two sizes, so you can fit in all your essentials with ease.

These beauties are suggested to be carried around under your arms like a real brown paper bag, intriguing everyone around you. "Très chic" indeed!