MetaReal’s Virtual Fridge Lock is a Diet-Friendly Tattletale

 - May 17, 2012
References: & springwise
Hoping to solve the issue of late night eating, MetaReal, a food re-education company, has released a heavily connected virtual fridge lock. Though the device doesn’t lock your fridge per se, it’s still an effective deterrent to unnecessary snacking.

The device relies on social pressure to prevent clients from eating, and incorporates this by alerting the users various social media platforms of their late night raid. Sending a photo simply saying "This person just raided the fridge," the device seeks to shame clients for their bad habits. Certainly bound to attract some controversy, the virtual fridge lock could be an arguably good way to approach weight loss. Though perhaps a bit invasive, it’s a given that clients would know what they were getting into upon signing up.

Social media-savvy and more than a little bit shaming, the virtual fridge lock is an undeniably creative weight loss solution. Though it may not catch on in the long run, MetaReal deserves some credit for an interesting approach to supporting their unsupervised clients.