The Vaportrim Enhances Smell to Reduce Hunger

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: ecigaddict & vaportrim
If you’ve ever been on a diet program, you know that the hardest part of these programs is the fact that you can’t eat your favorite food, but the Vaportrim aims to fix this.

The Vaportrim helps people lose weight and does not require the user to run on the treadmill a few times a week. What it actually does is help people who want to lose weight curb their cravings. This could revolutionize the weight lost and dieting industry, simply because it deals with the Achilles heel of all diet programs.

This particular product is similar to the electronic cigarette, which is popular for helping people quit smoking. This electric device emits a vapor much like the ones that electronic cigarettes produce. The flavors that come out of these devices taste good and mimic the taste of real food.

The flavors are authentic, so the device tricks the brain into thinking that the body is full. This prevents users from binging out on sweets and desserts. It instead allows them to have what they like to satisfy their cravings as much as they want, without getting fat.

The big question is, does the Vaportrim really work? Well, according to testimonials on their website, customers are raving about how effective these cigarettes are, especially when combined with a good weight loss or diet program. They have also stated that these cigarettes have helped them stay off junk food, and that they have been able to slim down.

No official research has been done on these products so we do not really know if these testimonials are biased or not. The only way is to try the Vaportrim and see for yourself.