Invention Allows Users to Pump Food Direct from Stomach Before Digestion

 - Jan 16, 2013
References: aspirebariatrics & arstechnica
Those out there who want to lose weight but who have trouble controlling portions have a new option, a built in stomach pump.

The AspireAssist, basically aself-serve stomach pump system from Aspire Bariatrics, is essentially preventative liposuction. However, instead of sucking fat, users can manually pump out partially digested food directly from a surgically inserted pipe that empties directly out of the abdominal wall. It may sound kind of gross, but the logic behind the invention is pretty sound. Undigested calories and fattening ingredients don't have a chance to make the user gain weight if they're not absorbed into the body to begin with. This allows people to eat to their heart's content, as long as they eject their stomach contents before they have a chance to be absorbed.

Lest you think this is an idea that only exists in the minds of its inventors, the AspireAssist has already been approved for the public in Europe, and the company has applied for a US patent as well. The company assures users via its website that the self-serving stomach pump procedure is completely safe and reversible.