From Surgically Implanted Dieting Tools to Weight-Loss Dishware

 - Apr 9, 2014
When you decide to change your eating habits, whether for weight loss or health reasons, there are some pretty extreme diet aids out there to thwart the temptation of over-indulging if you lack self-control.

If you’re not committed enough to get a diet-encouraging surgical implant, fortunately there are some less permanent alternatives out there that are designed to be just as effective. Some of these examples includes tableware that takes the concept of eating in moderation to the literally by forcing diners to eat less with plates and bowls that have been halved to cut over-consumption. 'The World’s Easiest Diet Kit' does this too with utensils that have been altered so that the tines of a fork and scoop of a spoon are no longer usable as cutlery. Although these are pretty drastic, they are quite successful at cheekily conveying that people should be mindful of how much they are eating, or over-eating.