The Electrolux Chopspeaks Inform You of Ingredients and Count Calories

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
Seemingly simple, sleek and initially no different from your average Eastern eating utensils, the Electrolux Chopspeaks are actually full of impressive features. Not only do they operate as effective tabletop implements, they're a cutting-edge invention that does more than you might have imagined.

Yanming Ge's culinary concept comprises an inner computer, sesored tips and a subtle digital display. As you pick up each piece of food, the chopsticks identify the ingredient for you and illuminate its name. If the letters are green, you're good to eat; if they're red, the morsel is either inedible or will cause an allergic reaction. The Electrolux Chopspeaks use fingerprints to identify the eater and determine food preferences. The tongs can even count your caloric intake and keep track of your dietary habits.