Nunchops Chopsticks Make Eating a Fight for a Meal

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: justmustard & incrediblethings
My first eating utensils were wooden chopsticks and it would've been a lot more fun to learn had I owned a pair of Nunchops chopsticks. Growing up, if I held chopsticks the wrong way, I'd expect a whack on the hand until a proper grasp was achieved. Just imagine if my elders owned a pair of these Nunchops -- yikes.

This killer tool brings a fight to the table as you eat with a miniature weapon. It's a pair of chopsticks that's connected at the top with chains. Not only does it look wicked, this nunchuck chopstick cross-breed is functional and serves as a great beginner tool for eating like the people in the East. For $4.99, bring a fight to the table with a pair of Nunchops.