Ionic Plus Vitamin C Injects Nutrients Into the Water as You Bathe

 - Dec 12, 2012
References: japantrendshop
The Ionic Plus Vitamin C shower head infuser allows different nutrients to be dispensed while enjoying a nice hot bath.

People always say that skin, hair and nails reflect your daily diet but that’s not always true. While our bodies do reflect what we consume, there are other ways we can nourish the outside of our bodies, like the Ionic Plus Vitamin C by Arromic. By adding vitamins to the inner cup of one of Arromic’s custom shower heads and fixed onto the regular shower hose, the water will become automatically infused with vitamin C or any other vitamins the user wishes. The hot water mixture envelops the body and gives it a nice steamy spa treatment. The contents should last approximately three months for a family of four so a little does go a long way.