- Jul 26, 2013
Minimalist running shoes are quickly becoming the standard when it comes to athletic footwear. Not only do they look incredibly distinct, but they are also quite beneficial for your body. The idea is to provide a barefoot type feel that avoids heel striking while at the same time providing the protection needed for running on the cluttered city streets.

These minimalist running shoes help to strengthen the muscles in the calf and can help prevent common running injuries like shin splits or stress fractures. Runners will have to ease themselves into the practice of minimalist running due to the previous reliance on heavily cushioned shoes. Whether it's the 'Vibram FiveFinger' shoes that sport a separate spot for each toe, or a pair of Nike 'Free' kicks, each style comes with different designs for varying levels of experience. It's important to note that minimalist running shoes are not meant for walking due to the different gait of both activities.

From Vibram FiveFingers to Sock-Like Sneakers: