Five Fingers Shoes Let Toes Feel Free Without the Worry

 - Jun 12, 2006
References: vibramfivefingers
If you bought the socks with five fingers, then here is the shoe for you. If you're hoping to spend your summer barefoot but are a little bit worried about insect stings or being burned by hot pavement or sand, then wear five-toed shoes! Five Fingers shoes are the footwear you have been waiting for. Even after you put them on, you will still feel like they're barefoot!

Implications - TOO SPECIFIC

Consumers have an undeniable urge to become heavily in touch with nautre, and thus, products that allow them to do so continue to be tempting. Many people grew up walking barefoot; however, modern consumers who live in big cities find it harder to do this without risking injury, and therefore products like these finger shoes are interesting alternatives.