The Sensoria Socks Ensures People Distribute Weight Properly on Feet

 - May 9, 2013
References: heapsylon & ubergizmo
The Sensoria Socks is a great tool for people recovering from a foot-related injury or who simply want to avoid one altogether. Embedded with sensors, they are able to act as a standard monitoring system by tracking the wearer's steps, speed and distance. But what really sets the Sensoria Socks from similar products is its ability to also monitor weight distribution when standing, walking or running.

Using Heapsylon Sensor Technology, the Sensoria Socks essentially calls out people's poor techniques. It is accompanied by an app that delivers simple advice about how to unlearn harmful habits. Especially great for runners, the Sensoria Socks are the first prototypes of Redmond, Washington-based Heapsylon's new family of body-sensing wearable devices.

The Sensoria Socks are set to be available towards the end of the year.