Agile Footwear

 - Apr 20, 2006
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Agile, setting a new standard in footwear. Innovative and functional, it is at the same time a shoe and a sandal, practical and comfortable, fresh and light: one pair of Agile 500 only weighs 380g! Perfect for aquatic use, it dries quickly, and it's protective with great grip.

Lizard started the AGILE project two years ago: “observing the evolution of sport sandals and consumer expectations” said Luca Pedrotti, owner of Aicad the producer of Lizard “we realized that it wasn't enough just to create new sandals: we had to create a totally new product”.

AGILE is made in “exploded” EVA, which delivers it's lightness, comfort and beauty. This new material requires a complex fabrication technique, using precision mould making methods and meticulous attention to detail.

The sole is Vibram® â€" a trusted name in the outdoor world â€" and is ideal for boat and outdoor use, with remarkable grip on all types of terrain. The footbed, made in punched EVA, is removable and lined with mesh. Agile sheds water, is soft and dries quickly. The upper, in Aqua Suede, is as soft as leather but resistant to water.

The design of the hull (combined upper and midsole) required a rigorous research & development program to achieve the levels of comfort and functionality that characterise the Lizard range, while at the same time creating innovative footwear with an extraordinary look, ideal for every kind of use. Great for a trip out in the boat, a walk in the wood, an exhausting day in a museum, or even a trendy disco in the evening.

Available in two versions:AGILE 100 - sabot style.
AGILE 500 - shoe style with a strap on the heel.

WINNER of the Ispo Outdoor Award 2005. The jury voted Agile # 1 footwear for the following reason:
“The Lizard Agile defines completely new areas of use for outdoor shoes thanks to their innovative design in combination with the lightest weight possible”.