Healthy Odourless Cooking

 - Dec 22, 2006
Combine innovative student minds just after graduating with the electrical giant Electrolux and you get the cutting edge home appliances of the future. Formally wrapped up in the guise of the 2006 Design Lab contest contestants from all over the world vie for top honors.

The Organic Cooker was one such entry and managed to claim one of the top prizes for its flexible and oil-free cooking in the home. The future of home cooking is a table top appliance that combines infrared technology and vacuum cooking to help create healthy meals within a fraction of their traditional cooking time.

The peanut shaped appliance allows consumers to cook food whichever room they desire or on any surface without the fear of setting fire to everything. It uses high-efficiency radiant energy that sends high frequency electromagnetic waves from the invisible end of the light spectrum, allowing food to cook without the need to heat the air around it.

The vacuum system ensures that all flavors are held within the food and do not escape and infiltrate the whole house. The Organic Cooker offers oil-free frying, grilling and boiling options, all in the one appliance and the internal cooking pad is comprised of four separate sections in order to adapt to your desired style of cooking, and the digital dial operation around the circumference of the hood allows you easily set and adjust the cooking temperature.

This brings the ability to cook healthy food into every home â€" definitely one to watch.