Naturopathic Guide to Cravings

 - Nov 30, 2007
References: naturopathyworks
If you're starting to feel yourself craving sweets, there may a holistic approach to avoid excess poundage over the holidays. Not only are more people are beginning to analyze their diets, more people are also turning to homeopathic cures for their ailments and integrating more natural approaches into their every day living.

Next time you're overwhelmed by a craving that could threaten the appearance of your figure in your New Years apparel, consider it may just be your body letting you know about a certain deficiency.

A chocolate hankering could indicate indicate a shortage of magnesium in your system. Before biting into that Lindt reindeer, try a handful of raw nuts or seeds, a nice bowel of legumes or a juicy fruit salad.

Holiday Coca-Cola commercials have you weak in the news for a refreshing soda? Other than good marketing, your urges could be due to a lack of calcium. Try a nutritious bowl of steamed broccoli with some kale or a (tiny) nibble of cheese.

Fiending a slice of warm bread? Before you hit the loaf, try to fix your potential nitrogen deficiency with a serving of high protein foods like fish, meat, nuts or beans.

Nixing your cravings could really be that simple, and instead of a few inches on your hips, you'll be left with glowing skin, bundles of energy and a stellar figure to boot!

Naturopathyworks has a great chart of other foods and what they could indicate about nutrient levels in body.