Perfect for Beyonce

 - Oct 21, 2008
Between Botox, chemical peels and intense spa facials, it's never been a better time to be a diva like Beyonce.

Beyonce's glowing, luminous skin comes from a bevy of beauty products and spa treatments very similar to the ones below. Celebrities will go to some pretty extreme measures to ensure paparazzi-perfect skin, like Victoria Beckham's infamous nightingale-poo facials.

From 24K gold facials to $1,000 night creams, celebrities like Madonna and Beyonce certainly have the bankroll to splurge on preserving their beauty. But what about us plebeians?

As you'll see from the articles below, there are plenty of low-cost beauty solutions. From vitamin-enriched water to antioxidant-rich 'beauty foods,' divas can look their best without a budget like Beyonce's.