Victoria Beckham Uses Nightingale Poo For Acne

 - Oct 9, 2008
References: hauteconcept
It’s refreshing to hear beautiful people admit to doing odd stuff to retain their beauty. When they share their secret, it’s rare. Victoria Beckham has revealed that she uses a facial cream made from Nightingale droppings.

Previously Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt admitted they wear socks and gloves to bed (not all that uncommon) to keep their skin soft. Victoria Beckham has acne, and since Jessica Simpson has ProActiv acne meds covered, Victoria Beckham decided to try the Geisha Facials she discovered in Japan. When she got back to the Big Apple, she found that others had already been using the treatment and became a convert.

Victoria Beckham has previously blamed nasty photoshoppers for creating some nasty looking acne on her forehead.