From Chest-Exploding Monster Tees to Silicone Cooking Pods

 - Oct 2, 2012
With movies like Prometheus, The Darkest Hour and Paul, it's clear that Hollywood's love for aliens will never die. Now that aliens are coming out of their shells -- or pods -- why not jump on the band wagon this year with an alien Halloween party?

Since many of your guests this Halloween might be green-skinned and come from highly advance civilizations, perhaps you should do your earthling best to make them feel at home. You could put out an alien PEZ dispenser, or perhaps a flying saucer serving dish. For your guests who are used to planets with a moisture-rich atmosphere, the Stadler Form Fred UFO Humidifier is the perfect thing to give them a warm and wet welcome.

With a little inspiration from these alien artifacts and fashion styles, you're sure to have an alien Halloween party that's truly out of this world