Jared Krichovsky Renders Futurama Characters as Lifelike Beings

In this set of drawings, Jared Krichovsky renders Futurama characters as if they were real. The resulting images take Futurama to a much more serious realm.

The sinister news anchor suddenly reminds one of the aliens from Mars Attacks, and Dr. Zoidberg looks even more scary; he could be related to fellow ugly mouthed alien, Predator. Nibbler still looks really friendly though.

Krichovsky has a real talent for creating realistic renderings of fantasy characters. His website shows some of his other work that is in the same style, though not based on Futurama. His work could easily be used in fantasy gaming, or a similar field.

This particular set of drawings started with the Dr. Zoidberg drawing, which got so much attention that Krichovsky decided to add the other four drawings.