Doritos Broadcast To The Cosmos

 - Jun 12, 2008
References: theslogan
University of Leicester (UK) and Doritos (Frito Lay brand) have worked together to create and broadcast the first spot for aliens. Whether we think it's useless, certainly is quite fun and makes us wonder who might be the target of all GRP's broadcast?

Professor Darren Wright states that "everything is going as planned" and that will be "an historical moment for it is the first time that we will broadcast a message to the space, far beyond our Solar System." In fact, the target is possibly alien consumers that might be living in a solar system 42 light years from the Earth.

In case you wonder what Doritos is doing, it all comes from an interactive contest launched in the UK. The winner had the opportunity to send its idea to the cosmos. Yeah, by 2050 someone in a far unknown Solar System will receive a message and only by 2092 we will be able to receive their answer.

Freaky advertising has arrived! Take care you aliens!