These Space-Age Branding Techniques are Out of This World

 - Dec 27, 2011
Product branding often takes inspiration from pop culture iconography and sci-fi marketing strategies are the perfect example of this. Space age innovations have always been fueled and inspired by our views of the future.

From dark side pop culture icon commercials to villainous advertising campaigns, sci-fi-infused branding will never go out of style, with its large following that is expanding every day. Whether used in futuristic packaging designs, planetary television spots or even in collaboration with a well-known corporation, companies are fusing their brand with space-age themes, allowing them to cash in on a popular theme.

With the growing multitude of sci fi-obsessed video game and movie fanatics, marketing strategies are looking to pop culture and to the future in order to ultimately impact a mass market of followers and consumers. These sci-fi marketing strategies are witty and make for memorable advertising.