Mimoco Enlists Star Wars' Help to Sell Flash Drives

 - May 7, 2011
References: mimoco & f5torefresh
Mimoco’s been selling some stellar memory sticks for a while now, but with its latest memory stick, the Mimoco Mimibot TIE Fighter Pilot, Mimoco has decided to create some buzz through an animated Star Wars flash drive ad.

The ad serves up a dose of humor by illustrating what the Star Wars universe would look like if it used propaganda videos to recruit soldiers in the war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Mimico cleverly casts the commercial with animated versions of its existing line of Star Wars-inspired memory sticks, but manages to maintain the central focus of the commercial on the new TIE Fighter Pilot model. Can we say "ingenious marketing"?

Having seen the Star Wars flash drive ad, it’s time for you to choose a side. Will you fight for the rebel cause, or are you going to join the rest of us over here on the dark side?