- Oct 30, 2013
These clever condom packaging design ideas promote safe sex and do it with style. Since it’s standard for these prophylactics to be packaged in small, square wrappers, the ingenuity truly has to come with whatever goes on it. Fortunately, there are tons of clever designs that can be used that make a variety of statements, about anything from fashion to politics.

But before a consumer even gets at a condom’s wrapping, they will see the box. Condom boxes are the perfect places to host artful patterns or illustrations, since there’s more room to play with, it can really help to complete a concept.

One fantastic example of an exceptionally creative condom box is one that is modelled after a classic Gameboy, which is a fun way to communicate that its products are meant for "play."

From Game Boy Contraceptives to Condom Guns: