The ‘Jedi Condoms’ Video Uses the Force as Protection

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: youtube
A new Star Wars parody video has been released that pokes fun at ‘Jedi Condoms,’ and the fight for the affection of Princess Leia.

Written and Directed by Travis Kurts of Zeke Mahogany Comedy, this YouTube video channel just got named YouTube’s Next Comic. The video is based around the idea of Jedi Condoms that emanate light from the wearer's, um, saber. Luke Skywalker is seen getting into a light saber fight with Han Solo over the love of the princess. Then, in enters Lando with a surprise comedic ending.

The video is very humorous and filled with tons of suggestive word play -- an especially memorable example is when Han Solo says " You’re pretty good with that thing kid, but don’t get too cocky."