Marc Jacobs Thinks Safe With Brightly Colored Prophylactics

 - Feb 12, 2009
References: loft102 & huffingtonpost
Today’s consumers are constantly hunting for approvingly recognized brands, showing off classy style and distinct taste. It is safe to assume that many need a renowned label in order to be caught sporting a particular item. As the world goes on a craze for "designer" items, who thought the attention would be on products advocating safe sex?

American fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, takes it up a notch with his amusing and brightly colored condoms. I’m not quite exactly sure what first sparked his inspiration to expand his brand onto this turf, but I’m sure of the message he is trying to convey. Each label reads, "Remember, Safety First! Xxoo Marc Jacobs", in his signature handwriting, adding a quirky and humorous twist to the product.

Selling at $1.50 in stores and various prices on Ebay, this is considered a steal for the Marc Jacobs label. You no longer have to save up or break the bank to own some Marc. To suit shopper’s personal style, consumers have the option of indulging in red, orange, blue, purple, or green.

The Marc Jacobs addiction is complete by carrying a designer colored monogrammed condom around in your wallet. What oddity will he devise next?

Another question, will Marc face competition with designers trying to thieve his idea?

And, will we be spotting illegal replicas in the near future?