- Aug 8, 2013
Washing your clothes can be a tedious and often boring activity, but since it has to be done, why not add some of these quirky laundry accessories into the process? They'll surely add a bit of humor and excitement to this otherwise mundane chore.

Doing laundry is one of those weekly chores that most people just despise having to do. Whether it is because of its lack of creativity or all around repetitive tasks, washing clothes often becomes something people push to do as late as possible. These quirky laundry accessories however, are here to add some flavor and humorous elements into the mix, allowing you to efficiently clean your garments while simultaneously having some fun in the process.

From clothes cleaners that are shaped like hula hoops to hampers that resemble ferociously playful sharks, these quirky laundry accessories will definitely add a comical element to your otherwise ordinary washing routine.

From Cable Car Clothespin Carriers to Tree-Like Laundry Racks: