This Plushie or Pillow Drying Rack Design Makes Laundry an Easier Task

 - Aug 4, 2013
References: fancy
This pillow drying rack is the perfect accessory for your laundry needs. The drying rack also works well for plush dolls or any other bulky item that needs washing.

This simplistic design comes in three colors: blue, green and pink. The material it's made out of is a low density polyethylene and polypropylene amalgamation. For only $9 USD, you can pick up multiple drying racks and clean lots of pillows or stuffed animals at once.

These racks work well outdoors as you hang your laundry to dry. In colder months, they are also hangable indoors as long as there's enough ventilation in the area. The top resembles a standard clothes hanger, so they are easy to hang wherever.