The Casamania Alberto Clothesline Puts Natural Forms to Practical Use

 - Aug 8, 2012
The old branch-strung makeshift drying rack is a resourceful laundress strategy that inspired the delightful Casamania Alberto Clothesline. With this product, you don't have to rely on the convenient location of backyard trees, you don't need to fuss with the prospect of falling leaves on your clean clothes, and nor should you be troubled by the unnecessary shade cast down upon your wet fabrics.

Molded polyethylene takes an arboreal shape with a simplified stylistic rendering technique. A second mirrored stand installed several feet away from the first enables you to string up laundry lines from the tips of the whimsical boughs. The Casamania Alberto Clothesline can be set up on soil, decks and patios for your convenience, bringing color and a cartoony contemporary character to the design of your outdoor spaces.