- Oct 19, 2013
If you're looking for unique pieces of furniture that will conveniently fit a compact space, then these wall-mounted furnishings are showcasing some handy ways to provide storage and decor in any home.

Decorating a new home can be a challenging task especially if you're trying to fit everything in tight living quarters. That's why opting to mount and attach furnishings and objects to your wall can be a great space-saving alternative to having it on the floor and taking up essential space. From complex shelving units that provide ample space for books and knick knacks to wall-mounted workstations that can cleverly fold out into a desk, these convenient furnishings will definitely make life at home a little bit easier.

Ideal for those looking to purchase items that won't take up too much physical space, these wall-mounted furnishings will certainly add a contemporary touch to any compact space.

From Strap-Suspended Ledges to Wall-Mounted Workstations: