The L'Amant Wine Rack Artfully Displays a High Quality Collection

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: vote.vindegarde & suckerpunchdaily
The L'Amant Wine Rack really does three things: it provides a place to store your collection of vino, it showcases the beverages' labels and it acts as a decorative interior element on its own. The trio of practical and aesthetic functions becomes even more appealing when you take into account the customizability of the storage system.

The shallow units are made from wood and take the shape of shelving or oblique cubbies when layered. Wine bottles are arranged on the ledges and in the niches in a sideways orientation, emphasizing a lovely horizontality that you can't usually create with the display of the elegant vessels when erect. L'Amant Wine Rack can be aggregated freely into various combinations in any quantity, furnishing the back of a bar and mounted on the wall.