100 Watts is Influenced by the First Incandescent Lamp

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: autori-vari.it & fastcodesign
Entirely minimalist, the 100 Watts lamp is inspired by the incandescent lighting of old. In fact, it borrows its simple aesthetic from that first light fixture of its kind. Although the 100 Watts lamp joins a slew of homages created for the dying incandescent light bulb, this design is one of the more versatile creations.

Conceived by Italian design studio Autori Vari, the 100 Watts lamp boasts a bare-bone iron arm that the cord snakes down and an exposed bulb. Suitable for any use, the 100 Watts lamp can be mounted whichever of its four gallows the owner wishes to. It can also remain as an unobtrusive floor lamp. The neon green base is a nice touch.