These Spaceships Pay Tribute to Curiosity's Discovery of Water on Mars

 - Dec 4, 2012
While we’re far from finding extraterrestrial life, NASA reported recently that Curiosity Rover has found water on mars. This discovery is based on Curiosity’s analysis of soil gathered on the surface of Mars and is the first step in establishing if life is, or was ever, possible on Mars.

Space travel has seen great strides over the last 75 years and spaceships themselves have become more and more frequent both in the sky and in product adaptations. There are more actual spaceship-like aircrafts than ever before, including Sir Richard Branson’s WhiteKnightTwo carrier plane and the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft which were designed for space tourism.

And after the news of water on mars, tons of children will pull out spaceship toys or build model spaceships with dreams of being an astronaut. Heck, even parents can get into the space swing of things with appliances like spaceship dryers available these days.