These Audi Form Studies Would Slice Through the Wind

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Working aerodynamics into any vehicle destined to drive over 100 kilometers per hour is important, but these Audi form studies strive for the reduction of friction and air resistance for a much more fastidious cause. Hussein Al-Attar was working at the company's Ingolstadt Exterior Design Studio in Germany when he came up with these super-streamlined computer models, fit to be paired with the most powerful of engines.

These futuristic race car concepts look nearly like spaceships beamed down to earth with their sleek and sharp sculpting and discernible absence of wheels. These Audi form studies embody some of the most significant physical features of high-speed supercars, with cutting curves, a smooth body and a narrow cross-section that sits low to the road.