The Medisana TargetScale is Out of This World

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: & gizmodo
The Medisana TargetScale is futuristic, sleek and tech savvy, and looks like an item NASA would use.

This scale is not your average design, as it can do more than just read your weight. It breaks down all fitness categories, allowing you to pinpoint everything there is to know about the body. This Star Trek-like scale can track your body mass index, water content and bone mass. Also, if you're wondering whether or not one side is slightly bigger than the other, the Medisana TargetScale can track that too. It performs tests to show the weight distribution while standing on each foot.

The glowing rings are not just stylish and chic, but also show your current weight versus the desired goal. If you're really paranoid, keep track with this scale through a free app that's compatible with most Apple products, including smartphones and tablets.