From Sun-Fueled Tablet Covers to Lumber-Covered Adapters

 - Mar 5, 2013
Gadget charging is an activity that some of us have to engage in on a daily basis and for some, once every blue moon before their devices decide to die. It is mostly smartphones and tablets that need constant recharging due to their Internet connectivity. Old phones maintain their basic functional solidarity quite succinctly, but do understandably require re-powering every now and then.

For those of you who are sick or even oddly intrigued by these charging systems, here is an extensive list of different mobile and tablet-charging solutions. You can go with eco-friendly solutions such as solar-powered device chargers or more eccentric ones such as notepad gadget chargers and desert-dwelling power bars.

Although charging itself is an unpleasant experience, there are plenty of opportunities to make your chargers as expressive of your personality as possible.