The BedLamp by Niels Kjeldsen is a Multi-Tasking Professional

 - Jun 3, 2012
The BedLamp by Niels Kjeldsen Design is a sleek multipurpose nightlight. This high-tech technological wonder is equipped to help you carry out your before-bed ritual with ease, and is sure to be your one-stop shop before bed. The BedLamp comes fully loaded with LED lights for reading, a charger for your mobile or iPod and a tray for your coins and various pocketed possessions. This technological treasure can be used as a nightstand in your bedroom or as an end table in your office; the possibilities are endless.

Niels Kjeldsen, the designer behind this practical product, has worked for one of the most prestigious design agencies in Denmark. Niels Kjeldsen Design is renowned for its simplistic, elegant and easy-to-use designs for everyday items. Kjeldsen has been awarded a variety of different prizes including the Danish Design Prize.