The Savior Channels Marty McFly in Last Night's Timely OUAT Finale

 - May 12, 2014
This collection of time travel products is in honor of last night's OUAT finale. The third season of ABC's Once Upon A Time came to an end in a two hour long television event that saw Emma Swan go back to the Enchanted Forest and another time. The show's writers have described the OUAT finale as "epic wish fulfillment," so the episode is sure to have fans talking for quite some time.

These time travel products see a lot of cross over with other television programs and pop culture elements. Time machines like the Doctor Who tardis and the DeLorean from Back to the Future serve as inspiration for many of these innovations. Photography is also a popular medium for time travel, which can be seen using retro fashion styles, clever photoshopping and camera manipulation.