Time Travel, Heartbeat Visualisation and Real Biological Clocks

 - Apr 15, 2009
References: lcsd.gov.hk
Have you ever tried to travel in time? Now is your chance. Hong Kong’s Science Museum is hosting 17 interactive exhibits in the "Exploration of TIME" series where you can control time and understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Here are just a few highlights of this cool travel in time:

The Heartbeat Clock
When you place your hand on the exhibit, your heartbeat will be projected in the air, allowing you to visualise the rhythm of your heart as it dances.

Anechoic Space
In an anechoic space, people have different perceptions of the passing of time. This exhibit provides an isolated environment that let you experience how time is perceived in the absence of everyday cues.

Biological Clock
Everyone has a "clock" inside their body; it alerts us when to work and rest. Press the Biological Clock exhibit and see how four types of special genes drive this inner clock.