This Back to the Future Baby Costume is 1.21 Gigawatts of Awesome

 - Oct 27, 2012
References: gizmodo
If you're looking to gain recognition as the coolest parents on the block this Halloween, one look at this insanely cute Back to the Future baby costume should provide you with more than enough inspiration.

The little guy dressed as a pint-sized Marty McFly is Cooper. His amazing costume was put together by his mother Cory, who says she's always had a soft spot for Back to the Future and cars.

Cory spent a few weekends and nights cutting out cardboard and painting it to make the iconic DeLorean time machine. She even added blue LED lights to give it a futuristic 2015 look as seen in Back to the Future 2.

If this is the caliber of costume that Cooper is getting for his very first night of trick-or-treating, chances are this kid has got loads of happy Halloween nights in his future.