- Mar 13, 2014
Any parent looking to infuse some humorous pop culture themes into their child's upbringing is in luck, because these Sci-Fi infant accessories will definitely have little toddlers becoming familiar with geeky references at a young age.

While paying tribute to such classic Sci-Fi films as Star Wars and Star Trek can often be done through classic costumes and memorabilia, opting to relay your film obsessions onto your children is a fun way to connect with infants in a contemporary way. Offering such products as baby Star Wars jumpers, spaceship mobiles and geeky building blocks, these Sci-Fi accessories will definitely turn any little tot into a mini pop culture fan.

Allowing parents to bond with their kids through modern references, these Sci-Fi infant accessories will definitely make the bonding process a more humorous experience.

From Geeky Baby Blocks to Kiddie Jedi Costumes: