Cole Mohr Time Travels for Customellow’s Spring/Summer 2013

Cole Mohr steps into the role of a time-travelling sartorialist for Customellow’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. Photographed by Jeffrey Graetsch, the top male model is featured in various captures of him travelling from his past and his future. Mohr is outfitted in classically tailored suits and preppy boy ensembles for Customellow’s 2013 campaign.

Mohr is a clear favorite for Customellow campaigns, and why wouldn’t he be? The spritely male model's persona resonates in his captures. His fun and captivating personality in these shots commands an unspoken authority that will draw you in.

The editorial is somehow reminiscent of the movie ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife.’ The captures of Mohr in every shot showcase a sense of loneliness, but the model’s joy-filled character hides it beautifully.