See Decades of Men's Fashion Through the ‘Time’ Editori

Dino Bonacic’s ‘Time’ editorial takes you through decades of style with men’s fashion. Mario J. models various articles like a suit and bow tie ensemble, reminiscent of the 19th century but brings it back to the 80s and 90s with a snapback hat.

The editorial also features hot 80s pieces like bright colored sunglasses, denim jackets, striped shirts and patterned pants. Oversized sweaters, slim-fit capris and fedoras reflect the current ‘hipster’ fashion so many men sport today. So fittingly named ‘Time,’ the editorial features designs that keep making a comeback.

Jelena Balic, the photographer, rotates between color and monochromatic photography—another element that shows the progress of technology and development of pictures. Setting also plays a big part in the editorial—the outfit is matched with the setting. For hip urban wear, the model is posed in front of graffiti-clad walls and for classic formal wear, he is posed romantically behind a flower branch.