- Dec 18, 2014
These seventies style finds range from nostalgic menswear editorials to bohemian runway presentations that are retro in their design aesthetic. From hippie-inspired looks to fashions that are disco-themed, this list of seventies style finds is nothing short of striking. Standouts from the range include Missoni's bohemian menswear collection that revives a past era aesthetic.

While bohemian styling is a staple of contemporary retailers like Antrhopologie and Free People, its hippie aesthetic is often the inspiration behind womenswear. Italian luxury brand Missoni changes this notion with their knitted menswear line that revives bohemian looks for the modern man.

In addition to its bohemian menswear examples, this list of seventies style finds also includes retro-themed editorials that bring back nostalgic hair styles and beauty looks.

From Disco Diva Beauty Shoots to Nostalgic Menswear Runways: