- Feb 1, 2014
With print still putting up a vivacious fight against all things digital, the print trends in 2013 demonstrate the use of bold colors and retro themes to hold onto its audience.

Prints ads from this year focused heavily on previous decades, channeling vintage clothing and simpler times in attempt to evoke feelings of nostalgia in viewers and consumers.

Particularly big in print this year was the effort to capitalize on the ever-popular release of the film the Great Gatsby. Lookbooks, catalogs and ads all took inspiration from the film's fashion and characters.

Also widely popular this year was the saturation of colors in a wide range of ads. Altering the filters of photographs created the sense of being in a different time period, offering consumers both whimsy and mystery.

Trend Hunter's Print Trend Report provides more information and analysis on how print trends in 2013 may have just bought print some more time in a digitally dominated realm.

From Retro Motel Fashion Ads to Stunning Celebratory Magazine Covers: