The Power Reel Affords Convenient Cord Placement

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: studio.craightonberman & bookofjoe
Smartphone users find themselves juicing up their gadgets at least three or four times per week, so it's much handier to find a charger within easy reach and not hidden behind dressers, chairs and bedside tables. The Power Reel solves this problem by bringing the socket "up the wall both visually and functionally."

Craighton Berman created this clever contraption for the 'Lift Hold Roll' exhibition, applying industrial methods to simple domestic solutions. This particular system comprises an elongated switchplate that extends upwards to bear a mount and a single pulley. When your iPhone charger is plugged into the outlet below, its cord can be threaded up and through the wheel so that the end dangles higher on the outside. The Power Reel allows your mobile phone to hang above your furnishings as its energy is gradually restored.