Txan Txan Harnesses Wind Power on a Small Scale to Supply Your Devices

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: behance.net
It's wonderful the way that solar and wind power are gradually becoming accessible to the public. The Txan Txan is an example of a concept that could be used easily by the individual, capable of harnessing renewable energy on a small scale to reduce one's ecological footprint.

The answer here is in the air. Maria Fernanda Ocampo has come up with an inventive system by which this tiny gadget combines biomimicry with the principles of wind turbines. It comprises a coil, a magnet, a circuit board, a capacitator and resistors to work with light fluttering wings that turn mechanical energy into electrical. Txan Txan has been modeled to embody the form of a little bird and equipped with a USB output for charging smartphones and media players.